About the company


We offer various vehicle rental services for both private and business customers.


    Private customers can rent our vans through the reservation system. Our wide network of locations in the capital area offers different size of vans for everyone needs.

    We aim to increase the vehicle fleet every year as our company grows, so you can expect more locations and more cars in the future.

    Corporate customers have their own price list. In case you are business owner we suggest you to contact us and ask for an offer.

  2. Replacement car

    More about this service soon…

  3. Car sharing

    More about this service soon…

  4. Cooperation

    If you wish to do a cooperation and you have an offer for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We always like to hear about the ideas to expand our business.

Our vision

The world is changing every day and the way people do business and communicate is at the forefront of change. Modern high-speed connections enable instant communication, which also sets certain expectations for doing business and getting services. We expect even more flexibility, quick contact and immediate deployment when choosing the right service or product for our needs. The Covid-19 pandemic has also created new operating models, of which remote communication and non-contact transactions are already a prerequisite in many services.

Car rental is also experiencing a constant shift in a more modern direction. More and more car rental companies are already offering vehicles and their commissioning without the need for physical transactions in the shop or the presence of a customer service representative at the car handover. We also strive to promote this line and offer all of our car services without any additional contacts. Both private and business customers are able to handle all car-related services completely independently from our reservation system.