“After the move to the movie?” – contest. Instructions and rules

Presentation of the competition

VRUM VRUM Oy organizes two separate competitions on Facebook and Instagram, where 6 movie tickets are drawn for each, as well as 6 delicacy tickets for 1.8 l of popcorn and 0.5 l of tap drink according to the movie. You can enter the competition on both social media, which improves your chances of winning.

The competition is organized and is the sole responsibility of VRUM VRUM Oy (Y: 3212441-1) and other parties such as cinemas or social media Instagram and Facebook are not involved in the competition.

Competition time

The competition is held in two-week periods.

  • The first part 2.-15.9.2021. Lottery date 16.9.2021, Facebook: 3 movie tickets + 3 good luck tickets, Instagram: 3 movie tickets + 3 good luck tickets
  • Second competition 16-29 September 2021. Lottery date 9/30/2021, Facebook: 3 movie tickets + 3 treat tickets, Instagram: 3 movie tickets + 3 treat tickets

A total of 12 movie tickets and 12 gourmet tickets.

Terms and conditions of participation

Participation in the competition is subject to two conditions. 1. by commenting on the official competition image published by VRUM VRUM On Instagram or / and On Facebook . 2. By following the account for that image. That is, if you comment on Facebook, follow the @ account on Facebook or Instagram.

The lottery is performed with a random generator and the lottery result is distributed in that social channel.

The winner must redeem the prize within one month of the draw date. If the winner is not reached or the prize is not redeemed, the next winner will be drawn for that prize. The prize is valid until August 24, 2022 after redemption.

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