Frequently asked Questions

What does the rental price include?

The basic rental price includes a cam cart, lorries, hull (deductible 1000 €). If you wish, you can choose additional insurance or other options for a separate fee.

When is the vehicle rental paid?

Vehicle rental is paid immediately at the time of booking. If you need to change or cancel your booking, please read the rental terms and any change / cancellation fees.

How is the vehicle commissioned?

All matters related to the vehicle and rental are handled through our Booking System at When you arrive at the vehicle, open the reservation system with your mobile phone’s browser and log in with the IDs you created when you registered in the system.

You can activate the reservation as early as 10 minutes before the start of the rental (if the vehicle has no other reservations). Your booking will appear immediately on the front page, but you will also find all your bookings under the middle tab.

Activate the reservation and follow the instructions to open the doors. The car keys can be found in the cab in the compartment marked with a key sticker.

How to return the vehicle?

Return the vehicle to the same location where you commissioned it. Make sure that the vehicle is parked in the designated area and does not violate parking rules.

Refuel the vehicle tank and clean up afterwards. Leave the keys in the locker, close the doors and windows and end your reservation with the reservation system. The doors lock. Also make sure that the doors are securely locked.

If you have any problems with parking then call customer service for further instructions. Tel: 020 730 6420

Can more than one driver drive a vehicle?

Yes you can. The other driver must also have a category B driving license and must read the rental conditions. The lessee of the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle during the rental and is responsible for the correct use of the vehicle.

Why are rental rates affordable?

Our vans are not exactly the latest models, but well-maintained and serviced individuals that serve the needs of our customers. Thanks to the automated booking system, we do not need extra staff for vehicle handover procedures, which also saves on costs.

Do you have a visiting address?

Due to our service concept, we do not have an actual office where we could deal with rental matters. This way we are able to offer cheaper car rental to our customers. In our telephone service, we are able to answer possible questions and problem situations if you cannot find the answer on our website.